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Mobile graphics to surpass PS3 in 2014

Nvidia’s Project Logan is a mobile GPU that is 1.6 times more powerful than a Playstation 3. Furthermore, it uses one-third the power of iPad 4’s GPU while performing the same rendering. Nvidia states that the GPU will be shipping in mobile devices during the first half of next year. Gasp!

Now it’s up to developers to find a way to push the boundaries by using the latest graphics technology meanwhile supporting older devices. Surely compromises will need to be made. However, if the game is architected mindfully and the project scheduled just right, developers can hit a sweet spot.

Watch this video showcasing the technology:

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Extra Credits: thought-provoking videogame industry videos

If you haven’t seen any videos from “Extra Credits“, then prepare to be enlightened. The webseries, created by a small talented group, presents intellectual discussions on topics such as aesthetics, publishing, community, careers, writing, and much more.

Take a look at this video about two fundamental game design principles:

You can watch the rest of their videos on their YouTube channel.

Lean, mean, startup infrastructure

Are you pumped and ready to build the next hot mobile game or app? Great, all the power to you. However, if you have two or more members on the team, then you are going to need some structure to run efficiently. This is especially true if some members are far apart or work during different times of the day.

When we started working on our game, Sketch Guess, our first and only “tool” was email. It worked great at the beginning, but it quickly became cumbersome when our discussions moved to more complex matters and we started producing assets. As the project progressed, we incorporated fast, cheap, and reliable services to keep us rolling smoothly. We are happy to share what worked for us. Every project is different and each team has different needs, so look at this more as inspiration.

Basecamp, Dropbox, Zendesk, Google Drive

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